Room render question - dark corners

just starting with Vray for rhino 3.40 and I have a question regarding basic light setup. Is there a setting for interior to light up all the dark corners of a room? I have GI on…

If I remove the ceiling then all looks good… I know I can start adding light etc… but was hoping for a magic setting to light up my scene?

What you are missing is the ambient light feature. It’s a basic feature of the most render engines since years. I missed it too, since it’s a method to get fast&clean results. (My favorite method if I use Octane for animations, since the method is so fast.) It’s a GI fake based on ambient occlusion.

This feature should be easy implented, I suppose so only a few lines of code need to be added to the scene description output. (So far I know from the render plugin AIR and the renderman language)

Here you see the options at Vray for C4D:

For example I was working on an air plane interior. Rendering the still images was no problem, the render time was ok, but my client ask me for fly trough animation and I got a problem. Some one help me to render the animation at Vray for 3dsmax based on ambient light.

For now you could work with invisible area lights. Some times it looks better if you disable “cast shadow” for the ceiling material and place the area light(s) above the ceiling.

I usually use rectangle light very close to the ceiling to lighter up all the space.

It is also if you have direct light from windows for instance, you still need rectangle lights inside, as not enough light is bouncing inside the volume.

It’s been a while since I was in vray for rhino, are color mapping options in there yet?
Ramping up your scene brightness with your camera (f stop or similar) and then stopping overexposure with a reduced burn value in your color mapping (.1 or something) is an option.

Thank you Micha for your help. I think the best option so far is to disable ‘cast shadows’ on the ceiling material and also I added a area light just above ceiling as you suggested…

thank you Petras - I will try that too

thank you for your help.

I would really love to get to grips with this new version of Vray as I think it finally has some great potential but seems very little tutorials out at the moment… Textures and Decals/Labels still seem very difficult - I have been working with Keyshot for last few years and very easy to use but interiors not so good in KS hence looking at Vray…