VRay Batch Render + Lens Effects?

Hi there,
New to VRay rendering, had a small question I can’t find anywhere online - is there no way to apply Lens Effects while Batch Rendering through VRay? I had about forty different Saved Views I’d like to Batch Render, but they each have a set of Lens Effects I’m applying (all of them share the same LE settings if that helps). Rather than having to go in each and manually edit and save out each view, is there any way to set the Lens Effects to apply to my Batch Renders?
Thanks in advance!

It’s strange, probably a bug; the correction controls are retained for all frames while the lens effects are cleared up…
You should report a bug on Chaosgroup forum: https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-ray-for-rhino-forums/v-ray-for-rhino-bugs

Hi Marc,
Late response to this thread, but one thing I missed was that I had to have the Lens Effect window open before kicking off Batch Rendering - once I had my settings on, I kept the window open and Rhino successfully kicked off a standard view and a Lens Effect view! Thanks for your help.