Badger / Render All Named Views / Vray - Speeds Through All Views

Software Version Info:
Rhino 5 SR* 64bit
Vray 2.0 For Rhino
Latest Build of Badger
Windows 8

I am setting up a batch render using Vray and badger. I want to render all the named views in the file sequentially. When running the task “render all named views” the first render starts as expected but, in the background I can see all the remaining named views rapidly cycle through. When the fist render is finished Vray does not load another view because all the views have been cycled through by badger already… I have removed all special characters and spaces from the view names as recommended in another forum post with no results. I have tried breaking the task out into individual steps but badger seemingly will not wait for the first render to finish before loading the remaining named views. Hopefully someone here has some insight on this issue as this makes waiting around to hit the render button very annoying…

Any help much appreciated!



Ask ChaosGroup for access to the latest beta, it has a very good batch render tool that does exactly what you want.

see this topic:

Common problem.
You have to check the “batch render” under the global switches in the render option.
Than Badger would work smooth as silk :wink:

ah okay. User error… Nothing to see here.

Thanks for the help. Must have forgotten about that check box when i upgraded to 2.0…



I have vray 3.6. Can somebody tell me where I can enable batch rendering?

EDIT: I started a thread specific to badger and vray 3.6 that further explains my problem. Badger & Vray 3.6. Cannot render more than first view