Vray 5, Update 1, Problem

Background: I’m using Rhino 7 and the most recent Nvidia driver release. My file includes several blocks. The Parts Blocks (windows, doors, etc) are inserted and “referenced” into the Building Block which is a single instance block inserted and set to “reference” in the master campus file.

Following installation of the Vray 5, Update 1, some vray materials became corrupted or were auto duplicated and the diffuse bitmap replaced with the layer or object default color. The issue appears to occur with materials that are in a block within a block. For example, I have Doors, Building and Campus. Doors is a block within Building and Building is a block within campus. After install the vray material functioned find at Doors and Building, but at Campus it was corrupted in the form of duplicating itself (metallic bronze becomes metallic bronze #1) and defaulting to its object or layer color (so metallic bronze or metallic bronze #1 becomes the default color, yet retains the material name). To fix it, I went to each problem material in each block, changed the layer material to default, deleted the corrupted materials from vray asset editor and from rhino materials tab, and then reassigned the vray material via the asset editor to the object, instead of using the rhino materials tab or using the rhino layer assignment.

Why? I have no idea. Because the problem occurs at the Campus and not lower level tiers of blocks, I’m assuming it has something to do with naming conflicts or trees and that when rhino or vray is confused it creates a new material of the same name, but swaps the diffuse bitmap for the default color.

I suggest making a backup before installing Update 1 and/or install Vray Update 1 to the lowest tier blocks prior to higher level blocks.

YMMV. Thanks, Jeff