Rhino 7 vray 5 materials duplicates again

Is any one there with the same trouble?
Two instances of Rhino 7 opened.
One to copy from, the other to paste.
Vray materials list keep showing [imported] every time there is a need to copy paste.
I am a bit pissed off with vray. No simple stable things.
How do we keep our big files organized if every time is a need to copy paste vray is duplicating the same materials with name aka [imported]


If you don’t want this behavior you can run the command _RenderImportConflictOption and select either DiscardIncoming, ReplaceExisting or UseDialogToAsk instead. What you see is the AutoRenameIncoming behavior.

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Are this workaround just for import? Or does it work on copy paste to?
I am testing that command line and have choosed to “UseDialogToAsk”
Nothing changes

Copy/Paste or Import or Insert are all the same under the hood.

Does a dialog now pop up when you copy & paste?

Only the Block replace menu.

The other options seems not doing anything when choosed

Hmm, I don’t see this behavior on copy&paste, though. But then again I don’t have V-Ray installed.

its only on vray materials list. V-Ray keeps duplicating materials and dont ask for any pop-up menu.
I am really pissed of with this software.V-Ray sucks.
This is really unproductive workflow pipeline.
Chaos group keeps developing odd new features despite create a stable vray.

use enscape

I do get the dialog, do you have the latest version of Vray installed? 5.00.02?

yes i have.
Can you post here the pop-dialog menu that appear in your screen after you copy paste the same object with the same material texture applyed by object?

Or better… migrate to 3ds max and use Corona Renderer.

sorry I see now what you mean… on import it works fine but copy pasting an object from another file indeed gives duplicate materials, I haven’t needed that function in a while it seems. But has this bug been reported before? @Peter.Chaushev are you aware of this one?

and trade one bug for many :slight_smile:

Found another one. And it seems that Chaos doesn`t care about fixing small problems that keep coming since oldest V-Ray versions.
Now is the shadows.
From V-Ray menu “custom Orientation sun” doesn’t interact with interactive render.
And Rhino Manual Sun doesn’t interact with custom orientation in V-Ray.
So… i am asking, why do we spend money on a software that doesn’t care to fix this daily tools.
Simple dont understand.

yes I see that here too, it looks odd indeed (to be honest I never used the dialog from the vray menu and wonder why there is 2 of those dialogs in the first place), I assume you have reported this bug before?

since vray 3.60 i have been reporting bugs almost month after month.
Chaos group only argues that they are known about the issue as it was reported from other users to. But in the end of the day, it feels they don’t care to fix the most basic features that we archviz people utilize in our daily work.
It seems they only car to develop new features to keep their share in the market but those features are not welcome if the old ones are still unstable.
It is simple unproductive waste of time.
Our client dont want to wait for the job done or even care about the software bugs.
They only care about the final product. And fast results.

My experience with Chaosgroup is mixed, sometimes they are very responsive but then other times it takes ages to get reaction on reports. I understand your frustration completely. I don’t much like the constant urge for new versions of Vray and added products, but I understand it from a commercial standpoint, as its the only way for them to keep going. Their release targets are different than McNeel is doing, in fact it looks a lot like most software companies nowadays that have changed to subscription models: at least one major version each year to cut of non-subscription customers and forcing them into an upgrade, and at the same time, this means bug fixes for ‘old’ versions can and will be ignored or will only be ported to the new versions.

At least they should not make those fancy presentations were all seems working fine. But again, it does not.

sorry for the loud.

Yes, I’ve had similar problems.

When installing Vray updates, I’ve experienced duplications of materials. It can be very frustrating. After installation of Update 1, I had to spend many hours cleaning up duplicated materials. In some instances where the material is used in a block, the material will render fine in some block instances in some files and not in others. Where it breaks in others, the diffuse bitmap sometimes is replaced by the materials default color.

Since then, I’ve learned that Vray does not support blocks, so I’m trying rhino worksessions as an alternative (and probably should have been using worksessions in some situations instead of blocks). And I’ve learned that vrscenes may be a better approach compared to blocks.

Thanks for your post.

I run in the copy&paste-missing-popup from time to time too. @Peter.Chaushev Is a fix on the to-do-list?