Vray 3.6 not rendering materials

hey there,
I find problems to render with Vray 3.6 that it not render materials (you can see at the screenshot)
I try to render simple sphere and attach different materials (that come with Vray) and it’s no work, no glossy no opacity no bump.
any idea?

It seems that the Ice_Tea material is applied to the sphere, and it renders perfectly fine.

Hey Nikolay, thanks for your replay but i checked it twice and its not the Ice_tea. anyway if it was the ice tea it should be with opacity…
i tried to manage things and i found that my Vray has probably problem with the map texture and maybe it causes all the rest problems, its seems like i attach in the screenshot that the vray stretch the texture to all object, for example here the cube is about 5x5x7 meter! its not supposed to be rendered like this… i try to set any other map texture play with the U and the V but its not affect.
help :slight_smile: