V-ray 3.6 materials in rhino 6 rendered view



Hello all!

now V-Ray 3.6 is working on Rhino 6.0 but somehow I can not get the rhino 6 view settings to show textures of v-ray materials like from rhino 5.0 below. Anyone experienced the same thing?


What’s wrong? Have you set up a correct box mapping? Have you made any changes to UV in vRay material settings?


actually i just don’t know even if it’s possible to see the texture mapping of v-ray materials on rhino 6 view settings?

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Shaded Viewport mode

Rendered Viewport mode

Vray 3.6 material

UV map

V-Ray 3.4 material scaling question

oh wow. is there anyway you can share the “Rendered viewport mode” setting???

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It’s by default .