Vray 3.4 for Rhino 5 and HDR Light Studio connection

I installed Vray 3.4 on Rhino 5. Everything works well and I can render my models using Vray. My problem is light paint, when I’m using HDR Light Studio. When I activate the light paint option, it won’t affect the scene.
Can someone help me?

I am facing the same problem here. Not sure what’s causing it. I didn’t have this issue with rhino4. It seems the problem started with the vray3 and the new connection workflow. Does anyone have an update for this?

Did you take a look at the software page? Lightmap | HDR Light Studio Rhino Connection
The only time I had a problem they gave me a prompt answer.

Hello Joaquin,

Thanks for the input. I have followed the instructions on their online documentation but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. The viewport freezes for a few seconds but after that there is no change on the lights in the hdrls canvas. I have gotten the permanent licence years ago so my support period has expired.
To be honest, after I have upgraded to vray3 I’ve been facing issues with hdrls that don’t seem to have been resolved after several yeas so that’s why I hesitate to renew my licence or purchase support only to stumble on the same issues

Hi, everyone,

Do I get it right? You’re talking about V-Ray 3.4 in Rhino 5 ?
As far as I remember there is absolutely no support for HDRLs in V-Ray 3.x. Both Rhino 5 and V-Ray 3 are out of phase too.
There is much better an robust support for HDRLs in V-Ray 4 onwards. If you experience a specific problem with both softwares talking each other, please cantact Chaos support