Voronoi skeleton between points in area of curves

Hei guys,

i need help with my grasshopper definition.
I wanna make a Voronoi / Organic / Skeleton structure between the Curves. I tried to populate the curves but then i got no knot points between the curves. But also with Populate 3D the points are not exactly between the curves or “in the area” it´s a box around them.

Also Id like to build the lines between the curves in the closest points and not the end of one curve and the other end together.
I put here some example pictures what i have in mind.

Should I build the skeleton with exoskeleton or is another function more useful?

It would be really great if someone could help me or give me some tipps with that . :slight_smile:

thank you very much and Greetings Maxi

Curves.3dm (28.5 KB)
skeleton%202Grasshopper file.gh (9.8 KB)


One way to get started would be to look at the 3d Voronoi component. The output from that is Cells. These can be deconstructed into lines. Then Remove Duplicate Lines (A Kangaroo component) and you should end up with a good input for the Exoskeleton component which will thicken the lines and make a mesh.