Skeletal mesh following a surface

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if anyone tried before to do something like a skeletal mesh or something similar which is placed inside the surface, not over is and to follow it’s curvature.
For example a torus or any other circular surface.
I have tried creating a line in the middle of it and then trying to project random points along it or populating the surface and then trying to create random curves in order to use exoskeleton but without any success.



Try using 3d voronoi and then clipping this with your surface. This should give you clipped 3d voronoi cells which you will then need to explode into lines and remove duplicates. Use the Line topology component (can’t remember which plugin this is though) to clean up the lines before plugging these into exoskeleton or cocoon.

Try with Voronoi and Cocoon

You could use populate then 3d Delaunay or proximity component to make lines …

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your answer.
I followed your ideas and managed to do something like a wire-frame surface.
Is there any way I could do it more organic like the image?

Alexandros (13.2 KB) f000f2ff0928f9a93ea4323fd7944ff1

Try using wave curves on the surface and divide them than use the points together with other points inside the shape
Like this for example

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