Voronoi shelv - Limitation does not work

Hello all,

somehow the built box in Rhino in Grasshopper is not recognized as a border box. Can someone help me with the script? Thanks a lot!

voronoi shelv.gh (7.0 KB)
voronoi shelv.3dm (192.0 KB)

Jenni, by hovering the mouse over an input, you can read what data type is required. The Region input requires a box. Your curved wall is convertedd into a box which is basically a bounding box. The boundary for the voronoi is again a box.

If you only want points inside your wall you better start with Populate Geometry. You can create a Boolean Intersection between the cells and your curved wall object.

Finally I’d suggest using multipipe. I added a quick solution to eliminate duplicate edges. The result is a closed SubD.

voronoi shelv.gh (19.7 KB)