Voronoi on non rectangular surface

To whom this may concern, I am seeking help with setting my boundary or trim all the lines of the voronoi structure outside the curve setting my boundary to my geometry

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offices.gh (11.7 KB)

It wont allow me to make the boundary my surface because it is not a rectangle.

everytime i set boundary to the curve of my geomtry, it changed it into this rectangular shape…


Boundary is a rectangle aligned.
Take a bigger shape using BoundingBox then cut the excess. You’ll find the tools in the intersect tab.

so there is no way to make my boundary my surface??

Not with this tool.

I tried to do region intersect but it makes a boundary but not on the voronoi

If you want more information it will be better you read that before.

And I could add
8 Some polite formulas are appreciated.

Sorry… I did not mean to disrespect… if done so, my apologies.

Accepted. Most of helper helps for free and for the pleasure to do (new) things.

So if you want some help, it is better you post a file and if necessary a little sketch of what you want.

noted! I did not know that.

You can try Trim with Region component.