Voronoi "Mounds" on a Lens-like (Hemispherical) Surface

I’m trying to make Voronoi “mounds,” or hills, as in the attached screenshot, on a circular, lens-shaped surface (like a contact lens, shown in the second WIP screenshot). I’ve tried working with Voronoi 3D and Facet Dome but haven’t solved it yet. Additionally, I’m trying to generate an option where all of the hills drop straight down in the Z-axis to a boundary surface (also in screenshot and file). Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


check this Increase Height of Voronoi "Hills" based on an attractor curve

I see this - thanks @mohamad.elatab. The issue I’m running into, which I don’t believe is resolved on this post (I may be wrong), is how to achieve this effect on a curved surface. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was addressed on another post but I haven’t found it yet.

Have a look through the attached definition.
VORONOI LENS_reV1.gh (24.8 KB)


Thank you @HS_Kim!! This is precisely what I was attempting to do. I am still working through your definition to better understand it. Several of the components are unfamiliar to me. Your time and help is very much appreciated.

Do you know why, in this slightly modified version of the revised definition you posted @HS_Kim the bumps flip inward at the perimeter? It looks like it’s related to an error in the Flip Curve component but I can’t figure out how to resolve the message: “Guide and curve are not roughly co-planar.” Still working through this one… Much thanks for any help.

VORONOI LENS_ALT FORM 1_191013.gh (146.5 KB)