Voronoi cell joint


I have a question about editing the joints of the Voronoi cell in the attached file. I want to create this structure, but the connections and joints are not suitable. How can I fix this installation?
also for every seed number I want to have proper join and connection.

thank you in advance
voronoi structure_q.gh (12.5 KB)

Can you explain why they are not suitable? What are the conditions for a suitable connection?

hi, since I want to print it in a large scale and I want to have a robust structure, in my model if you see the whole structure there are some separation between elements.

Are you using standard pipe?
Try multipipe

I use this component now, it looks better but for a few joint there are weird shape, I attach in this command box.
voronoi structure_q.gh (13.2 KB)

Towards the middle he explains how to deal with that

The spikes occur when vertices are to close together. This needs to be cleaned up.

One approach:

in updated version of Topologizer there is no output for Line, it jest gives the points of curve, the approach must be a little different, I was unable to edit based on your shared file.

voronoi cell_edited_MCneel.gh (21.8 KB)
I edit my file following this video, but I don’t know how I adjust the distance between points, since in this video he used SubD while in my file I use box and populate 3d, if you have any hints, I will appreciate it. also there is separation
between elements in structure.

In the video, watch from minute 7

It doesn’t matter.

if you check my file in my last reply, you can see that I applied all the process in the video from minute 7, but there is separation between some elements yet.

replacing these mesh components with Deconstruct Brep makes the missing connections pop-up

I didn’t investigate the reason for that, just followed the video instructions

thank you so much, my problem is fixed
much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’m not aware of an update for the topologizer.gha

Where did you download it from?

I guess this one


from this link:

This is my final file, I could edit the whole studs
and remove separation among them. Since I want to print this structure with 3d-printers, I want to remove some part of structure as shown in the picture, is it possible to remove these parts?
I’d like to simplify the design for easier printing.
voronoi cell_edited.gh (17.8 KB)

increase the value of that slider until you’ve eliminated all the small faces

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voronoi cell_edited v1.gh (40.5 KB)

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much appreciated. it works :slight_smile: