Voronoi C#

I have to calculate the 2d Voronoi based area for a selection of points using c# API. Is there any method or way to calculate Voronoi cells using API?

I am sure there is one in Grasshopper but I don’t think it is visible. Because there is just that !

For rhino only see this way around

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Thanks for the response i also found this: Grasshopper.Kernel.Geometry.Voronoi. I do not get how to use it though.

As there is no real documentation

… it is treasure hunt …

the most simple coud be to use that c#

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I am using c# within visual studio for this specific project. in python we have access to nodes. it seams like in c# API we cannot use nodes.

Here the C# function from @AndersDeleuran
GhPythonCSharpVoronoi_.gh (55.8 KB)

  private void RunScript(List<Point3d> nodePts, object y, ref object polylines)

    //# Create a boundingbox and get its corners
    BoundingBox bb = new BoundingBox(nodePts);
    Vector3d d = bb.Diagonal;
    double dl = d.Length;
    double f = dl / 15;
    bb.Inflate(f, f, f);
    Point3d[] bbCorners = bb.GetCorners();

    //# Create a list of nodes
    Node2List nodes = new Node2List();
    foreach(Point3d p in nodePts)
      Node2 n = new Node2(p.X, p.Y);

    //Create a list of outline nodes using the BB
    Node2List outline = new Node2List();
    foreach (Point3d p in bbCorners)
      Node2 n = new Node2(p.X, p.Y);

    //# Calculate the delaunay triangulation
    var delaunay = Grasshopper.Kernel.Geometry.Delaunay.Solver.Solve_Connectivity(nodes, 0.1, false);

    // # Calculate the voronoi diagram
    var voronoi = Grasshopper.Kernel.Geometry.Voronoi.Solver.Solve_Connectivity(nodes, delaunay, outline);

    //# Get polylines from the voronoi cells and return them to GH
    List<Polyline> polys = new  List<Polyline> ();
    foreach( var c in voronoi)

      Polyline pl = c.ToPolyline();

    polylines = polys;

Thank you i think this will solve my problem. I’ll try it and share the result.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you for your help and time

No problem I learned also, it could be useful for me in the future.

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Hello! very usefull code! in case Iwanted to visualize the delaunay triangulation how could I do that?