Voronoi: grasshopper nodes into PythonScript?

Hello all,

I would like to translate this grasshopper defintion below into gypthon (pythonScript for Grasshopper) but unsure how to go about it… Could someone please help me out?

the easiest (most newbie) way is to use node-in-code.

Whether it is practical or meaningful rather than making it all using RhinoCommon many would argue.

It is definitely good for prototyping.

One of the down sides currently is that if you run your scripts from Rhino (no GH running). It will load Grasshopper with all its plugins and you have to wait for the GH Splash to go away.


I think it’s the only way for voronoi atleast considering voronoi isnt in Rhinocommon. Haven’t explored node in code, but I think it won’t work for plugins (since the end parts are weaverbird)? Or does it?

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It does work with plugins :slight_smile:



Sorry, I meant if you wanted to use it elseware that computer would also need the plugin? Cool that works in general tho.

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Good point.

I only used it on my workstation and home pc. And have the same plugins installed on both.

Perhaps in the future Yak could be more advanced to take care the installations of plugins within node-in-code. :slight_smile:


One can implement the Grasshopper.Kernel.Geometry namespace directly in GHPython. Old (very old) example here (down a bit, direct link to the post doesn’t work):

GhPythonVoronoi_2 (1).gh (50.4 KB)