Volume / Liquid capacity

Hi, Im still very much a novice using Rhino. I have no expereince of CAD/3D software and teaching myself with online tutorials as I go along.

Would any one be able to shed some light on ‘if and how’ I can calculate the capacity of a vessel, such as a tumbler or a bottle?

Thank you in advance

You can use the Volume command to get that number. Result will automatically be in cubic document units if the object is selected prior to calling the command. If you first call the command, you will be able to specify the unit.

If the object is not totally closed, the result might not be meaningful…

Also see the topic in the help file:

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Super thank you. So I would need to take the inside space of a tumbler and close it to get an accurate calculation?

That is correct, yes.

Another one is _Hydrostatics . Obviously intended for ship’s hulls. You need to specify a waterline elevation, and it will calculate the displacement (among other specifics) of any single surface or polysurface as long as the part below the waterline is closed. If it is not closed, you will still get waterline length, beam etc., but displacement will be missing. It will not start to sink though…:wink: . Of course displacement will only equal inside volume as long as your surface is single, i.e. if you have your tumbler designed such that the inside and outside of the glass are one and the same polysurface, it will give a false result.