Volume Calculations - command wish

Hello there. I have a simple wish for the Rhino Developers, which should not be to difficult to implement. Would it be possible to add to the Volume command, Litres in units calculations? It would be really useful to reduce time consumption when assessing capacities of tanks, etc…Thanks

Hi Luca -
RH-82248 Volume - allow volume units

This might be a little more involved than it might seem only because Rhino units are linear so since all the units options refer to the built in unit systems, so there would need to be some special casing, but I doubt that is too hard …


Hi Pascal, many thanks. Luca

1 liter (litre) = 1000 cubic centimeters so it shouldn’t too difficult. I’m not at the Rhino computer right now so I can’t check what Rhino offers for volume when the units are metric?


Rhino currently offers ‘cubic’ versions of linear units. It does not currently have volume units like liters and gallons as part of the built in unit systems.


Here is my script for reporting the volume of objects in liters.

VolumeInLiters.py (1.2 KB)