Calculate dimension -dimensions - volume - for a pint?

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I want to make a beer mug. It should be able to hold a pint. My math sucks. How would I start? I’m not even sure of what commands I would use. I usually work in 2D. Thank you for any help in advance.

Aviva Fort

You can start by modelling the internal of the mug as a cylinder.

the volume of a cylinder is given by:
V = pi*r*r*h

pi is 3.14…
r is the radius
h is the height.

You have two variables: radius and height. If you set the radius to a fixed value, then you can calculate the height as:
h = V/(pi*r*r)

For example:
Let’s say your mug needs to hold 568 mL (official British pint volume) and the inner radius is 2.5 cm.
then the height is: 568 [cm3]/(pi*2.5[cm]*2.5[cm]) = 28.9 [cm]. [NOTE that 1 mL = 1 cm3].

Or if the height of your mug is 25 cm, the inner radius is
r = sqrt(V/(pi*h))
so in this case: r = sqrt(568/(pi*30)) = 2.45 cm

If the mug is conical, you can average the upper and lower radius and calculate with the same formula.

If your mug has a non-cylindrical, non-conical shape, you can use the Volume command in Rhino to calculate the contained volume. For that the mug needs to be made solid.

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