Volume and centroid calculation not working

Hello all,

I have a closed polysurface but for some reason GH cannot calculate its volume and centroid. I tried cap command, in both Rhino and GH, but still doesn’t work. Any ideas or suggestion will be much appreciated.
LateralPanel.3dm (6.4 MB)

Hi -

The reason for this seems to be an issue with the “inside” larger surface.
In this picture, I have untrimmed it and is shown with one of the side surfaces.

These two surfaces don’t intersect cleanly. How did you create these surfaces?

Hi Wim,

Thank you for your answer. The volume I am working with came from another volume with was half if this surface. So I rotated it and the join the volumes again, and then I subtracted the rounded eges. I guess I would need to clean the process somehow. I just have another question. How were you able to see that the surfaces were not matching appropriately? I tried to zoom in as much as I could and I was not able to see it.

Thank you again

Hi -

I simply ran Intersect on those two surfaces and only a short piece at the very top was found.