Calculate volume of closed trimmed surfaces on Grasshoper

I generate parametrics hulls immersed bodies from trimming hull by water surface, then close the volume.
I try to calculate its volume but the function does not work an i have no result . Did somebody have this kand if issue ?

Hi Rougier -
You’ll have to post your gh file with all referenced geometry internalized for someone to be able to check what’s going on.

Can i send you the file ?
How to proceed ?
Thank you

please be sure to right click on each GH component that contains any geometry referenced in your Rhino file and chose “internalize geometry” → save GH file → drag and drop the GH file from your hard drive on the very same place where you enter text while replying to a message here on the forum (50.1 KB)

Here it is.

I can’t calculate the volumes of hull constituted by several joigned surfaces. Meanwhile when i bake it Rhino can do it and the surface analysis on Rhino shows no trouble in surfaces joigning.

the problem here is that the surfaces are not joined in a closed solid because they are on different branches

by flattening the JoinSurf input:

Thank you, what is the solution then to solve it ?

I mean hw to flatten ?
Thank you

right click on the input B and chose flatten :+1:

the arrow pointing down will indicate a flattened data tree

Nice it works well. Last questions, i try to find the equivalent to mathlab “sink” that is a display in GH no tin the Rhino windows that will DISPLAY me the volume calculated. Is it exists ? I can’t find it…