Visualize Volume of parametric design in Rhino using Grasshopper with different colors

Hi guys, I am trying to visualize some values in Rhino using Grasshopper. My aim is to see Rhino drawing the curves/3D models after providing the Volume of the desired curve/ 3D model to visualize the model.

I have obtained the volume of a curve from its G-code. (Provided in the file below). Now I want to visualize it in Rhino.

Does anybody know how to do it? (8.4 KB)

Im not sure I fully understand the question, A 2D curve cannot have a volume, so I am not sure what it is you are trying to achieve? However, If the G Code files just represents a curve why not draw the curve from the points? (15.1 KB)

I basically want to visualize a 3D model in small segments of different colors.

Those small segments are nothing but the distance between G-Code coordinates multiplied by Cross-Sectional Area (of the nozzle from which they are going to be printed in real).

Did you get my point now?

I am still not clear, do you have an example GCode of the whole model, it might help explain what you are trying to do?

Are you trying to extrude a Gcode Path until it is a desired volume?
Or are you trying to slice a model to produce the GCode ?
Or are you trying to visualise GCode paths in rhino?

I still don’t understand your question either but here are a couple of guesses? (20.7 KB)

Here is a variation on the same theme. A second PolyLine from the Discontinuity points used to split the surface: (23.9 KB)

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Yes!I have G-Code for the model. Now I am trying to visualize G-code path in rhino. Is it possible?

The second preview is somewhat closer to what I want.

But the data that I used in my file is just for the First layer of my model.

I want First layer, all Middle layers, and the Bottom layer to be of 3 different colors (One for Top, One for Middle Layers, and One for Bottom Layer) and extruded in small cylindrical segments same as your second screenshot.

But only the cylinders are to be colored. Can you help?

The file with the data is attached here. (31.1 KB)

Maybe someone else is willing to do your work for you, I’m not. Good luck. (30.1 KB)

Okay Thank you for the help :slight_smile: