Calculate Volume of Parametric Model


My appologies to ask a rather very simple question as I am a newbie to Rhino and Grasshopper. I recently created a rather simple construction component (attached in question), but it seems that it has a lot of overlapping edges (Reason: Lack of my Grasshopper skills) due to which I am unable to calculate the volume of the geometry. Any help to simplify this geometry and calculating the volume of this component would be highly appreciated.

Success (25.0 KB)

How about making your geometry in this way?

Success (31.0 KB)

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Thanks HS_Kim,

Wow … What a strong community Grasshopper has I downloaded the GH script but few components especially the mid components (which i knew in later comment called Relay) are missing can you kindly resend the script or is it because of some glitch in my Rhino 5 and Grasshopper that I cannot open the full script.

Success One_re for (30.8 KB)

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Sorry that i am taking so much of your time and efforts just because i am new, but i am still not getting the component for some reason. I have attached herein the image that i received when i opened your most recent script dear HS_Kim.

Those are relays and are not available in r5.
They act as wire managers to make the script neater, but don’t have any other purpose.

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Thankyou Christopher.ho for your kind reply in this regard.

Check this and you’d better upgrade to at least rhino6. R7 has already shipped for now…
Success One_re for (30.7 KB)

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Superb … Thankyou HS_Kim you are a legend actually i downloaded Rhino 6 but my Laptop didnt support it but i will definitely upgrade it once i get my hands on a new laptop. Once again many thanks dear HS_Kim rise high.