Visualize results only on "some" finite elements

Hi there,
I am still pretty new with Karamba so apologies if the question is very obvious. I have a plate loaded in its plane, which I meshed by using the mesh Brep block. I carried out the analysis and I can visualise the principal stresses.

I was wondering if there is any way to visualise the results “only on a selected part of the model”. The reason is because I have a large stress distribution, and I would like to focus on the critical part of the model (red box).
In this case, what would be the easiest way to visualise the results for the elements only in the red portion of the model?

My current work around is by Section force component, so I can intersect the model with a polyline and look into that section by section… But I was wondering… Is there a more elegant way of doing? For example, intersect the model with a surface and visualise the elements only in such intersection?

I also thought about subdiving the original surface into components so that I could assign a different ID to each of them. But I think I should join them into a single Brep to have a consistent mesh, shouldn’t it? In that case I would lose the reference to different IDs.
Thanks for any ideas or alternative approaches to the problem!

P.S. screenshot and code attached for better understanding.

Gabriele (55.8 KB)

Managed to solve it :slight_smile: There might be more elegant ways, but basically:

  1. I have subdivided the initial surface in different ones
  2. Merge them together into a list
    The Breps mesh component can mesh the list while keeping continuity in the mesh points. Every surface now has a unique tag which can be accessed when displaying the results.