Problem with my results


For my thesis I work on optimising a steel plate structure. I’m almost finished but with the gathering of my results I stumbled onto something strange. I create a mesh that’s starts with a grid of points. Throughout the thesis I used two different ways to get that grid of points. One is simply by an UV-division and the other is a bit more complex method that allows me to adapt the grid even more. (see picture) When I use the same division as the first method I do get exactly the same points as the first method, which I expected. (see picture) However when I compare my results from Karamba I do get different values for my stress and displacement (see pictures). This is definitely strange since the exact same points in the exact same lists are used for both results.
Does anyone have a clue what could be the cause of this difference?
If wanted I could upload my model, but it is rather complex and I use a lot of plugins.

Kind regards


Hello Reinout,
would it be possible that you internalize the geometry and then upload the two definitions?
Are you sure that the two geometries are the same?