Aligning mesh nodes for karamba or millipede analysis

Ok now that my initial crisis post: “omg there’s a new forum!!!” is out of the way…

I do have a real question:
I have some surfaces I want to analyse in karamba…

The surfaces intersect in odd ways though and I am not sure how to get the mesh nodes to all align so that the finite elements are connected. I am attaching a sample file here in the hopes of advice.

Please by god I hope this new forum is as amazing and helpful and wise and responsive as the old one!

I tried playing with the mesh settings and even the re-meshing component but no luck…
Many thanks for any advice or guidance
:smile: (12.8 KB)

Hi @ethank
you can use the Mesh Breps component included in Karamba.
You can control the size of the mesh edges and input points to be implemented in your mesh.
Please also note the size of your geometry as grasshopper disregards the units, but rather takes only the numerical values.

Matthew (18.8 KB)

Thanks Matthew!!!