VisualArq user and non-user file modifications

I’ve tried to search this forum for the answer to no avail. My question revolves around the ability of Rhino to keep VisualArq data if someone modifies elements made in VisualArq and then saves that file.
Will the updated VisualArq components remain modifiable, and will they continue to hold their information, or will they need to be remodeled?
I have used VisualArq for some time now and currently with the company I am working for, but others here are not yet familiar with this addon. I plan on implementing this, but the current workflow is not yet supported. I fear this may cause a ripple in our workflow.
Any assistance with this concern is greatly appreciated! Thanks, everyone!

Hello @Chris_Conti,

Which kind of modifications? After opening the file back with VisualARQ objects will remain modifiable but depending on which kind of modifications you make, they will probably loose these changes after the first update.

Which software are they using? Rhino without VisualARQ? Any other software?

Hello @alfmelbev,
For instance, if someone without VisualARQ changes the length or characteristics of a beam or an opening size in a wall. Will the original ability to modify the characteristics of that beam or wall in VisualArq/Rhino still exist? Other designers are working in Rhino alone. That is to say, Rhino without VisualARQ. It sounds like what you are saying is that the VisualARQ properties will be lost and will need to be re-established.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Chris_Conti,

Not exactly. If you change the length of a beam the beam will keep be read as beam and will keep the length change. However, if you perform a hole in a wall, once you open that wall back in VisualARQ it will be read as a wall but you might loose the hole you did in the first update of that wall.

You can try this in your own Rhino. You just need to disable VisualARQ and Tibidabo and restart Rhino, make a few changes, load these plug-ins again and restart Rhino. This way you can check how objects keep the VisualARQ properties but you might loose some of the changes you made in Rhino without VisualARQ.