VisualARQ - trace reference tool?


I am new to Rhino and VisualARQ. I have been using ArchiCad for all my projects until now, but as I am starting an architectural practice, we are looking for the best software we could use for our future projects.
There might be a lot more questions to come later, but for now, I’d like to know if there is a Trace Reference tool in VisualARQ?
If each plan is in a different view, can they be est to be exactly one under the other, so that when you trace reference you can see the differences? Or maybe when you work on a plan construction detail in 2D, can it be trace referenced to the actual plan, so that when you do trace reference the plan, it appears under the detail in the correct position?

To be able to trace reference any plan or section under another drawing or detail proved to be extremely useful in ArchiCAD.

Any thoughts?



Hi @anamaria.pircu, yes, you can see the horizontal section of hidden levels projected on the construction plane of the current level, so you can see a reference of those levels, and snap on that plan view for working. This option is available from the Level Manager.

What I meant is if I can do this while working in 2D? Maybe I have the proposed model, looking at it’s ground floor in 2D and want to trace reference the survey drawing of that plan. Would that be possible?

Please see example below. Blue is proposed, red is survey line drawing trace referenced.

Yes, what I showed in Perpective view works in the same way from the Top viewport, which will give you the feeling you are working in 2D.