Rhino trace viewport


I would like to ask how to trace existing saved views on a drawing, like in Archicad instead of bitmaps?

(Brian James) #2

Hi onrender,

Could you point me to the exact time in the video that explains what you’d like to do? Or could you describe more about the process you’re looking for in Rhino. You can trace bitmap images and import dwg files but there isn’t an ‘auto trace’ function to create vector art automatically from raster images if that’s what you’re after.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your answer, this was just a question, because I still learning Rhino and I did not find any similar tool like this so far. I was looking for an automated tracing option like archicad has (changing transparency, change reference and active colors, and move reference drawing). Can it be a feature wish? However I will look around an alternative way, I think playing with layers can do the job too. If I make a custom icon to switch Reference layers can be also fine.
Anyway we can do a lot of things with layers that’s why I asked earlier about Layer handling (memory, CPU usage) and layer groups, sometimes in specific cases we have a lot of drawings from different branches (MEP, architecture, structural drawings) to trace and each drawing would require an own layer. For example, layers in studio max are very sensitive but in autocad is not so much and rhino is a bit of autocad a bit of studio max.