VisualARQ to Archicad with Grasshopper

Hi there again,

Is there any good tutorials and something like a manual out there how to properly connection VisualARQ to Archicad via the live link with Grasshopper?

It seems like a bit tricky to get the exact walls and openings, slabs etc. from one program to the other.
Any ideas how to get more into this topic?


Hi George,
I’m not aware of any tutorial that shows the connection between VA components and the ArchiCAD components in GH. But they are very similar in terms of how they work.

For example, in order to create a wall in VA you need a path curve and some extra data (height, alignment, style, etc…). And a similar data is required to create a wall with the ArchiCAD component. So you can deconstruct the VisualARQ wall and use its path curve and other data to generate a wall in ArchiCAD.
We have recently published a webinar where you can get a good understanding of how the VisualARQ components in GH work:

Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do. but it is even hard to get the right layer:


Any ideas to get this to work?

Hi George,
I think the “Layer” input in the ArchiCAD Wall component is referred to the layer where this wall is created (“Layer 01”, “Layer 02”, “Walls”, etc…) but it is not the wall “layer” component. You need to specify a “composite” wall in the “composite” input. And I’m not sure if you can create new ArchiCAD Composite walls in GH, so you could then obtain the information extracted from the VA Wall style to create it.