VisualARQ + Rhino

To all,

I’m always looking out for software tools for my micro Architectural Business here in the UK. By chance I just came across VisualARQ, a plug-in for Rhino. I’ve looked at a few videos & write-ups & all looks quite impressive & cost effective as well, £1266.00inc.VAT for both. (note: zero experience with these products)

I was therefore wondering if anyone with experience coming from an Architectural CAD background in 2D or 3D & now using VA+R can offer any comments, i.e. advantages’ or disadvantages etc. Typically I need to prepared Planning Design Plans for all Local Authority Approvals & then prepare Plans for Construction & associated Building Regulation Approvals. The latter generally has a great deal of text & notes/details, unlike the Planning Stage which is all about visual appearance 3D visuals & 2D flat plans/sections etc.

I currently use the following software to achieve this, (sometimes together or just one) DataCAD-17, STI-SPIRIT-14 & SketchUP Pro-15.

Any comments however small will be most appreciated.

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