VisualARQ 3's imported doors, windows are not appearing in the top view

VisualARQ 3’s imported doors and windows are not appearing in the top view. However, if I import the doors and windows using Grasshopper styles, they work correctly. The issue is that I don’t have scripts for all the doors.

test door.3dm (1004.2 KB)

Hi @uzairgulndm,

This door style doesn’t have any geometry defined for the Plan view:

How did you import the style? From a .val file?


I don’t have the grasshopper file for this
can you please share all grasshopper file in one
if it possible for you

Hi @uzairgulndm,

You don’t need the Grasshopper Style for this, you can just edit the style after importing it:

Door style edit

thank you so much for the help

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