Furniture Grasshopper Definition > missing geometry


I’m a french architect and new user of VisualArq 2.0 (I have tried the 1.0 some years ago).

I have an issue with my GH definition (attached bellow), everything is working fine in Grasshopper,
but when I want to use as furniture style in VisualArq some geometry disappears.

I dont understand what happening, if someone have experienced the same issue I’m ready to hear a solution :wink:

Best Regards

Adrien (59.4 KB)

Hi Adrien,
The problem is that VisualARQ GH styles don’t support well components with lists of internalized data.
Only the first item within this list of internalized data inside each BReps Param, is generated in the VA Furniture style.
To workaround this while we improve this behavior, add as many BRep Params as pieces you have in the model, and internalize each piece in each BRep Param.

Or internalize them in Data param instead. This should work.

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thanks @fsalla & @Tomek_Wloga for your quick answers, it’s works properly now.

I’ll try with the data param later maybe less messy. (67.4 KB)

Hi @Tomek_Wloga,

I don’t know how to store a set of breps inside the data parameter,
do you have an how to?


Get brep param and reference what you like, connect ti to data param and internalise the data.

It’s working. Thx.