VisualARQ Explode deletes parameter values

Is it possible to get parameter values of geometries inside a VisualARQ object? In this case I’ve given each brep of a cabinet furniture style a name so I later can generate flattened shop drawings with a tag for each part so I know what it is (“top panel” or “door” or “left panel” etc).

If I explode the cabinet object in Rhino, each brep has a “name” property with a value, but if I use VisualARQ Explode in Grasshopper all property values are empty.

Hi @studioselva,

It is possible to identify the geometry of an object using the “Components” input of the “VisualARQ Explode” component, but this option is working for objects created with regular styles, not for objects created from Grasshopper Styles like the “Cabinet” style.

So far I couldn’t find a workaround for that… I’ll keep thinking about it and I will propose some changes to make this identification possible for objects created from Grasshopper Styles as well.

Thanks Alfonso,

It is a bit weird since the breps inside the block / grasshopper style clearly have some parameter values which I can see if I explode the grasshopper style object in Rhino and go through their properties. But somehow this information is not passed on through the VisualARQ explode inside Grasshopper, also not with DeBlockInst or BlockDec. Anyway, this feature might be very limited, I was only wondering if I did something wrong.