VA3: Grasshopper Style - Model Object as an input

I’m hoping to see Model Object as an input in the Grasshopper Style soon. :slight_smile:

Hi Jakub,
Do you mean a VisualARQ object as a “Model object”? That’s not possible right now, but you can reference other geometry like Beps and surfaces as input in Grasshopper styles.

I mean referencing any Rhino objects by the new GH Model Object component and getting full info about that object. Using Brep or Surface as input gives me only geometry.
Getting full info would make an enormous difference, and this is one of the most important additions to the Rhino 8.

Hi @Czaja,

I have been testing it and it works with the “Model Object” param in the same way as it works with the “Geometry” param. The only difference is that the “Model Object” param doesn’t allow internalising data and, so that, geometry is not displayed in the final object created with the Grasshopper Style.

Anyway, if you reference objects using the “Geometry” param and internalising data, you can still use the “Model Object” component to obtain some data and display it in the final object:

It’s quite confusing for me. With the first thing you are right, the “Geometry” param is smarter than I thought, I can still pass it to the Model Object and receive information about the Layer.

I will try to be more descriptive.
I don’t want to internalize any geometry. I want to create a GH Style Tag that will allow me to select by Object Rhino objects.

  1. If I use Brep as an input, I can have by object Brep assignment but I do not get Model Object properties of that selected Brep (Layer, Visibility, Drafting, etc.)
  2. If I use the Geometry param as an input, I can’t have per Object assignment but I get Model Object properties.


Hi @Czaja,

I see, I will report this so that the “Model Object” param can be used as an input so that you can display geometry and obtain the model object information.

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Thank you, this is IMO very important for the VisualARQ 3 and Rhino 8 symbiosis.

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