VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released


VisualARQ 2.12 is now available for download.

This release includes some new features and solves most of the issues reported by users. Please report any problem or suggestion here or send us an email to

Here is the list of changes:


  • Worksessions:
    • #4222: Sections attributes and VisualARQ objects plan representation in worksessions (Video)
  • Attributes:
    • #5578: Override attributes per section/plan view style (Video)
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10130: Support for Grasshopper Player (Video)
  • Language: Portuguese:
    • #10417: VisualARQ in Portuguese
  • View:
    • #10067: Save changes on VisualARQ display modes (Video)


  • API: Script:
    • #11209: API methods to delete parameters
    • #11171: API methods to get and set the Description property
  • Interface:
    • #11065: Sort materials drop-down list
  • Layer:
    • #10878: Default layer for “elements”
  • Object: Tag:
    • #10776: Show wall or slab layer names in tags (Video)


  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #10958: Update description in the Deconstruct Parameter Options component
    • #10890: Add Frame width param to Window Leaf Glass and Deconstruct Window Leaf Glass components
    • #10603: Specify rotation units
  • Interface:
    • #10654: When modifying the size of a beam with a U shape, the interface leads to confusion because the fillet radius is hidden
    • #10939: Avoid question message when you apply a material to a VisualARQ object
  • Object:
    • #9508: Show message when a self-intersecting curve is selected to create a VisualARQ profile or get their closed sub-contours on slab or roof creation
  • Object: Openings:
    • #10612: Remove control points on openings that are only used to move the object
  • Object: Railing:
    • #10880: Allow structural profiles to be used in railing styles (Video)


  • Attributes:
    • #11027: Linetype attribute is not working in plan representations of Grasshopper styles
  • Block:
    • #10865: Section attributes are not displayed in nested blocks
  • Crash:
    • #11166: Memory overload (and crash) when working on a layout with multiple details
    • #11071: Crash updating a wall
    • #11000: Crash creating a gable roof when using the “Polyline” axis option
    • #10881: Crash importing an AutoCAD DWG file
    • #9485: Rhino crashes when opening this file
  • Dimension:
    • #8532: Wrong preview dimensions when using the feet template
  • Display:
    • #11017: The “Shadows ignore user-defined clipping planes” display option is not performed correctly when a level cut plane is active
  • Dynamic Section:
    • #11021: Section caps do not use the object’s material on “Rendered” display mode
    • #11003: Objects with “Clipping” set to off are not clipped by a Rhino clipping plane when a section is enabled
    • #11002: Clipping plane section edges are not sectioned by VisualARQ sections
    • #7836: Objects visibility with Clipping status off is not working well when activating cut planes
  • Grasshopper: Component:
    • #11062: Get property component fails for properties of type Curve
    • #11023: Wrong preview of windows
    • #10968: Wrong rotation of block instance
    • #10965: It is not possible to assign an IFC Tag in Grasshopper to a box
    • #10899:Update Property component doesn’t recognize if the given parameter is a Document Parameter
    • #10896: Set Property component doesn’t recognize if the given parameter is a Document Parameter
    • #10849: VisualARQ objects params cannot be baked
    • #10735: Grouping baked output not working in the IfcTag component when a Name is defined
    • #10732: The Pipeline component doesn’t take into account the layer structure
    • #10607: Beam end cuts are not calculated in Grasshopper
  • Grasshopper: Style:
    • #11086: Grasshopper Furniture style object changes its position after scaling it in 3D
    • #10989: Text height parameter is not working in a Grasshopper style
    • #10882: Parameter names are not updated when a Grasshopper definition is reloaded
  • IFC:
    • #11058: Not selected objects are exported to IFC
    • #9961: Crash when attaching an IFC document to a worksession
  • Layout:
    • #11082: Copied details using a Python script don’t keep the plan or section settings
    • #10872: Selection is not working with objects using hidden mode inside a detail view
  • Material:
    • #11101: Material used only by styles are deleted by command Purge
  • Menu:
    • #10689: Most of the Help links are broken when Rhino is not in English
  • Object:
    • #10802: ExplodeBlock breaks texture mapping
    • #10798: Using the Explode command with multiple VisualARQ objects returns unexpected results
  • Object: Beam:
    • #10931: Wrong dimensions in UPN profiles
    • #10930: UPN profiles have a wrong slope in the VisualARQ style library
    • #8743: Option to get the total length of a beam or column
  • Object: Curtain Wall:
    • #10998: Boolean difference is not correctly done in curtain walls from curves
  • Object: Element:
    • #11010: Element objects can’t be selected
  • Object: Furniture:
    • #10627: Some elements of the Furniture objects don’t change their dimensions
    • #10625: Furnitures with Grasshopper styles cannot be scaled
  • Object: Plan View:
    • #11084: Wall hatches are missing in plan views
    • #11074: Plan view is using a wrong color on sectioned walls
    • #11052: Some edges of extended walls are not displayed in VisualARQ display modes
    • #10791: Plan view shows geometry from a different height in a referenced external file
    • #10310: Duplicated stair step numbers in Plan Views
  • Object: Roof:
    • #10811: Wrong intersection between gable and hip roofs
  • Object: Section:
    • #8886: Problems when activating a clipping plane and a section
    • #8357: Los objetos se ven sin tapa en secciĂłn i modo Rendered
    • #7646: Clipping`` status is not working on objects in section
  • Object: Section View:
    • #10889: Turning off the section projection toggle still shows projection curves
    • #10829: Section view updates when you move its control points and then move the Section view even if Auto Update box is unchecked
    • #8820: Some section style sttributes not working properly
  • Object: Space:
    • #10773: Space label ignores blank lines
  • Object: Stair:
    • #10905: Arrow and step numbers disappear after subtracting a solid from a stair
    • #10610: Weird stair surface appears on the tread slab
  • Object: Table:
    • #10723: Tables are exported in .xml but the export dialogue says they will be exported in .xls
  • Object: Tag:
    • #11037: Plan views and viewports doesn’t take into account the Clipping attribute for VisualARQ tag objects
  • Object: Wall:
    • #10997: Tangent edge between walls is visible when wall layer offset is extended
    • #10959: Wall split command works correctly just once
  • Performance:
    • #11094: Slow performance using the Style Properties dialog
  • Print:
    • #11100: Wrong result printing a layout using the “Hidden” display mode
    • #11026: “Hidden” vector output mode doesn’t work when printing a viewport
    • #10866: Wrong section hatch scale on scaled blocks when printing in vector mode
  • Render:
    • #11006: Transparent material applied to glass component of a window renders opaque
    • #10946: Box mapping is shown in the display but not applied in the render
  • Rhino.Inside:
    • #10614: Objects are not translated to Revit when the styles have certain names
  • Template:
    • #10891: Wrong height in styles default sizes
  • Toolbar:
    • #10103: Menu option Window: From Curves doesn’t work in non-English languages
  • View:
    • #11095: :Slow performance when the 4 viewports are visible
    • #11061: Block hides in “Hidden” display mode


  • VisualARQ objects that are inside a non-active worksession document cannot be copied using the Copy or the CopyToClipboard commands.


  • These are the required Rhino versions to install VisualARQ:
    • Rhino 5 SR14 or later.
    • Rhino 6 SR34 or later.
    • Rhino 7 SR9 or later.




Juicy Update :yum:
style properties dialogue now is pretty faster than before but it still slow as I wait for 3 seconds