Spiral staircase visualarq grasshopper

Hi Visualarq team or anyone who can help.

I have a question relating to the creation of spiral stairs in Visualarq grasshopper.

According to Grasshopper Components - VisualARQ

"The process of creating a spiral stair is the same as creating a normal stair. The only difference is that you need to pick an Arc as the spiral stair path. "

BUT it also says

( Note : Spiral stairs can’t be created from a path that makes a turn bigger than 360º. So just take that into account when you set the number of steps, or the step tread dimension, because these values may make the stair turn more than 360º and it won’t be generated.)

So I’ve tried to keep the steps down and only make half a circle. (see screenshots) As you can see the same GH definition works for straight lines. Note its all in inches.

Its just not working for me. What am I doing wrong?

Im not sure if I need to change the crv param to an arc param?

@seanSpace according to the screenshot, you are doing it right and the spiral stair should be created. Can you send the .gh and .3dm files so we can test it out in our machines?

Hi Francesc

Attached please find the definition. It’s in inches.
thank you!

step.gh (6.3 KB)

Hi @seanSpace thanks for the file. It looks like that’s a bug. I’ll let you know when we fix it.

@seanSpace there is a new version of VisualARQ (2.0.18) that fixes this error. However the Tread dimension by default of spiral sairs from GH is not consistent. You can just edit it throught the Stair Options > Tread. This issue will be fixed in VisualARQ 2.1.