Visual style as layer style

Hi, is there a possibility to use the same layer style used for “_make2D” also for create a custom visualisation style? (maybe add this request to wishlist?)

thanks in advance.

Can you be more specific, what you mean by that?

Sure :slight_smile:

Using a layout for showing a 3D model, you can select a visual style (pen, artistic, ecc) and you can customize them.

But you can only choose color and thickness using pixel unit; what I’d like to do is to use the same layer style (color, line type, line thickness, ecc.) for line in visualization style (example: use layer 01 for silhouette line).

This is to have the 3D model displayed with the right layer style (and print property) without using the _make2D command, giving to you also a more “parametric” print layout.

(hope to explain it well)

an example on what I mean


Hi Nicola - we’ve had this on our wishlist for a while as RH-23195 - I added your request to that item.

glad to read that! :grin: