Visual Studio Extension, VS Plugin UI Cut Off, VS 2022

I didn’t see a version number for the extension but I got it from the MS store yesterday (14 Aug) as in the developer tutorial here. The only version of Rhino iinstalled is the 8 WIP but I don’t know if that’s important to reproducing it.

Start to create a new project, RhinoCommon Plugin, C#.

The bottom of the UI is cut off like this:

It’s not scrollable and the window can be resized vertically but that doesn’t have any effect on the sizing/placement/display of the internal elements so it stays cut off even if there’s plenty of space.

From the screenshots in the tutorial, I know that last part cut in half is the last UI element so the problem isn’t a blocker though the path it intends to use is hard to read. The cut-off button is clickable and works. The resulting plugin does compile but I haven’t tested further than that.

Hi @Nathan_Bossett,

The dialog should be resizable.

The latest release can always be found here:

– Dale

As I said, resizing the dialog vertically doesn’t affect the elements inside the window; it’s still cut off:

I uninstalled the extension from the install, installed the VSIX from the github link, and still replicate the issue.

Ok, I went back and resized it -horizontally-. Oddly, that causes it to resize and display everything at least for my screen setup. And then sometimes I can get a horizontal (but not vertical) scroll bar.

I’ve not developed studio extensions so I don’t know if including scroll bars when appropriate is controlled by Studio or the extension developers.

Odd, but it does work and it’s not a blocker in any event.