Visual ARQ VAUpdate very poor performance

Hi Everyone,

I use Rhino 6 and the newest Visual ARQ ( recently updated) and can’t believe how slow and lagging are VAUpdates. On average it takes 30-45 minutes to generate the section view.

It also slows my computer to the bare minimum. Unacceptable performance.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Hi Robert,

30-45 minutes is too much. Does it happen only with section view or with other VA objects as well?

How big is the 3d model? Do you have many objects?

Do you have any other plug-ins installed? If so, please try to unload them to see if there is any kind of incompatiblity.

Please, send us the file to to figure out what could be causing the slow performance.

Kind regards,

Hi Alfonso,

The model is 285Mb and yes, there are a lot of objects but this issue started when all updates were made from Rhino 5. Apart from Visual ARQ, we have Maxwell Render but I don’t believe that this is causing the computer to go dead slow.


Ok. Please, send us the file to to check which could be the problem.

No problem. I will send this shortly through WETransfer

Hello Robert,

I have just sent you the next VisualARQ release to your email address. It updates and creates section views faster than the previous one, although we are trying to improve it.

Please, let me know how it takes with this new release.

Kind regards,