Visual Arq: Controlling Levels in GH?


Within GH, is there a way to control the Elevation of the Levels with number sliders?

The reason for this would be to quickly make these changes if I am designing various tower options solely within GH and then baking out the geometries.

Hi @MetDesignLab,

Yes, sure! You can connect a “Number Slider” to the “E” parameter of the “Level” component:



Thanks for your prompt response.

A follow-up question to this is, within GH, if I am to design a mixed use tower with variable floor heights that is relative to different programs, is it possible to have the slabs hosted to the Levels?

This is so that I can parametrically control both the Levels and the overall massing and Bake out a series of design options for the client.


Hi @MetDesignLab,

In VisualARQ, slabs are not linked to the levels. This is a feature that is in our wishlist and will be implemented in a future VisualARQ update. Anyway, thanks to Grasshopper, you can use the same elevation to define the level and the slab. Here is a quick sample video:

Here is an excercise on our website about how to create slabs using Grasshopper:



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