How To: For Skyscraper Project, Mass Generate Levels?


For a skyscraper project, it has for example, 43 Levels. I realize that you can create Levels one at a time in Visual Arq, but is it possible to create all 43 Levels all at once instead of manually clicking on the button 43 times? This would save alot of my time.

Thank you.

I would recommend using the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components to generate your floors: (10.1 KB)

Hi Luis,

This is very helpful, thank you.
There is another issue I came across after BAKING to Rhino. After I BAKE to RHINO, it starts at Level_0 and ends at Level_42. In the BIM world, Levels generally start from Level_1 and ends at the given number, in this scenario it would be Level_43.

How do I modify the grasshopper definition to always start at Level 1?

Thank you.

Wouldn’t level 0 be ‘Ground’?

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