Element view geometry returning hidden elements

@kike I’ve found an issue with the ‘element view geometry’.

I have some model groups and I’ve turned off some categories such as furniture and mullions. I want to get the geometry of only the visible elements of the group. ‘Element geometry’ returns the geometry of every element within the group even if it is not visible in the view which may be expected behaviour. However, when I tried ‘element view geometry’ I have the same issue.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Using RIR v1.3.79 with Revit 2021.

@Japhy @kike have you had a chance to look at this yet?

It is a bug.

I will try to fix it into next 1.3 RC.

Thanks. When is that due to be released?

If nothing goes wrong second Tuesday of each month.
So today.

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It looks like you pushed this to v1.3 Stable which I installed. It is sort of working but I think there might still be a bug.

If I connect the groups directly into Element View Geometry it works as expected. However, if I get all elements within the group and feed this into Element View Geometry, it still shows the hidden elements.

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @parametricmonkey1.

This is fixed now on 1.4 RC2.

There is a change on how this component extracts geometry from Dependent elements.
Previously if you input a Group it extracts all the geometry of all dependant elements on the same list, so there was no way to know witch element that geometry belongs to.
So now it does not extract geometry from dependent elements unless you explicitly request it but right clicking on it and selecting ‘Expand Dependents’. In that case it does but it also graft all the outputs acordingly.

Keep in mind that ‘Query View Elements’ returns the group also. So on the previous version the dependent elements geometry, in this case the two walls geometry, was duplicated on the output.

In this version there is also a ‘Visible In View’ filter in case you want to filter elements before or after axtracting geometry.

@kike I’m still having problems with this. I’ve installed 1.4 RC.

If I reference a 3D view but it is not open, the component doesn’t return anything.

If I open the 3D view and reconnect the wires, it will extract the geometry. Is this expected behaviour?

Using ‘Query View Elements’ also seems to return additional elements which aren’t visible, such as cameras.

When I get the geometry of these elements, elements such as cameras don’t return a geometry which is correct.

Ultimately what I want to do is reference a 3D view and get all the element geometry that is visible in the view.

Is it possible that you have connected an ‘Active View’ component as input to the ‘Element View Geometry’?
In that case when you close the view Revit activates another view, maybe a Sheet view in your case?

About Cameras you can use a ‘Category Filter’ to exclude those elements. Revit is returning those cameras even as you said are not really visible. The problem is that I don’t know what elements are not really visible or if this will change on a future version. I think is better if that logic is on the canvas instead of adding an additional hidden filter inside the component.

It wasn’t an active view. But I did notice that the component updates when elements are temporarily isolated in the view which may have caused it.

Hey there!

Seems like after the last update Element View Geometry stopped working with linked elements:

Meanwhile it still works with the same elements in an original document:

Thanks for reporting, I’m not seeing the selected graphic element pass through either. Here’s a workaround.

This is a little simpler

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Thanks for solutions!

The first one doesn’t fit me well, because in this very case i need to know at which certain view my object is present :frowning:

The second one doesn’t seem to be working on links as well :sleepy:

I’m using links here, you don’t need the view (that may depend on the type of element you are getting)

But there are elements like door swinging direction, which are only present in drafting views, so get Element View Geometry was the exact thing i’ve needed :grin: