Visibility of dimensions in model view


Probably a newbie-level question, but is there a way of hiding dimensions in model view that have been added in detail views? Can’t see a way, but isn’t the point of detail views to show stuff you don’t want cluttering up your model drawing?

(Brian James) #2

Try the command HideInDetail in the detail in question. The counterpart is ShowInDetail if you need it.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi David - can you place the dimensions in the layout space rather than activate the detail and put them in the model space? On top of the detail view, not in it…



Thanks guys. I probably didn’t explain very clearly: I would like to be able to add a dimension in a Detail without it showing up in Model space. So, Brian, it’s the opposite problem - hiding it in the Model viewport. Sorry to mislead.

The suggestion about putting it in the Layout space works (thanks Pascal): you do not then see it in Model space. But this seems counter-intuitive. For one thing, it makes the positioning of Dimensions and the creation of Details more complicated. Secondly, Help says: “To correctly reflect model geometry, add dimensions in the detail viewport.” And thirdly (!), as I say, is it not desirable to be able to keep such objects out of model space?

Puzzled, but thankful for the solution!

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi David, I guess a more flexible solution would be to place all dims on a layer or group of layers that you simply turn off at the top level when working in modeling space. But I understand the problem you are describing…



It was pretty cool when back in the day for a few seconds we had the ability to turn layers off in model space but have them on in details. It in my opinion handled situations like this pretty elegantly, and I for one would love to see it back.



So this facility was once available? I vote to have it back!

Thanks again for all suggestions.