HideInModel command (opposite of HideInDetail)

It would be cool to have a command that hides objects in the main model (“modelspace”) similarly as HideInDetail works for detail views.

That’s what the Hide command does.
However, it an object is hidden in the Model, then it will also not be shown in a Detail.
It’s a hierarchy.

An object has to be Not Hidden in the model so it can be hidden in a detail.

Sorry, what I meant was to be able to hide an object in the Model while keeping an object shown in detail views at the same time. Thanks for letting me know that it’s set as a hierarchy, however I think that there are use cases where it would be useful to be able to keep objects in detail views shown, but hidden in the Model.

I think the only way to have an object display in a Layout and not in the Model, is for that object to be drawn in the Layout itself, like a title block or annotation.
Anything in a Detail would be in the Model display hierarchy.

This feature is actively being worked on in Rhino 8 by allowing layers to be off in the model and on in other spots. This isn’t available yet.


Exciting, thank you - that will be very useful :slight_smile:

I just saw that in V7 (7.20.22187.9001, 2022-07-06) by default layer states were already different for layouts and the main “modelspace” - that is changing visibility of layers in any one space didn’t affect the others. Really hope that this could be brought back or will be reimplemented in V8.

Well, due to the number of requests on this forum to have exactly this decoupling implemented, I think it’s fairly unlikely that this will change…

That makes sense, would it be possible though to add an option in the next Rhino 8 WIP release that could toggle this behaviour? I can see why it may be confusing in some situations, but in my particular workflow it would be super helpful. Or has it been hardcoded and coupled too deeply now that we’ll need to wait for the feature Steve mentioned above?

Hi Daniel -

I’m not sure what you mean by that?

Apologies, I just realised that this bahavior was set by SafeLayout plugin that I installed long time ago just for v7 and it wasn’t there by default in plain Rhino v7. Please ignore the previous suggestion.

I’ll throw in the upgrade money the day R8 is coming out…

Useful indeed! It means layouts finally don’t get effed up just by working in model space.