Visibility bug with pasting Blocks

When pasting a block into a scene from another Rhino session, the block is at first not displayed.
Workaround: paste the block again (choose ‘replace with imported block’)! Both blocks are now visible, and one can be deleted.

Repro: very simple. Open 2 Rhino sessions, create some block, try copy/pasting.

Anyone else having this?

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Hi Eugen - I do not see this here in a simple test - can you post a file with a block the shows the problem for you?


Sure: some block.3dm (77.9 KB)
But it’s really just two boxes, blocked together.

What happens when I copy this block and paste it in another Rhino7 window:

  • Nothing seems to happen at first. Yet when opening the BlockManager, there’s an empty block definition.
  • After pasting it again, both blocks become visible, and the BlockManager displays it correctly.

Can’t break it down any simpler. It happens not only on my machine, but on any installation.

Hi Eugen - are you using the VisualArq or Lands plug-ins?


Yes, both. I’ll deactivate them for testing.
Btw., this was in R6 already.

Ok… turned off the VisualArq and Tibidabo plugins, and the problem disappeared… will tell the VA devs.
Thanks a lot, Pascal!

I get the same bug - I have been living with it for the past few months and it’s very annoying!

I’ve also had this issue the last couple of days, was driving me crazy!

Hi guys,

Yes, we’re aware of this issue, as it has been reported lately by some VisualARQ users. It seems like a regression from an old bug in the latest VisualARQ 2.9, but it hadn’t been reported until a month ago.

We’ve already fixed this issue in VisualARQ 2.10, which will be released this week. Here are the latest download links:

Take into account that this is not the final 2.10 version yet, so it may contain other small issues, but we’ve already tested it internally, so I think it’s safe to install it. Please, report if the issue persists or if has been correctly fixed.



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Thanks a lot, Enric, for the quick fix!!

@pascal seems to be the same case in comparison on machine where i did test i don’t have varq nor lands installed → Block Manager -> ERROR No geometry found