Block manager


I have found a bug. In block manager VA blocks (= blocks of VA walls, VA doors etc.) are invisible however when I want to replace a block and open the Block Definition list I can see many of blocks that were generated by VA. It would be better to be hidden.

Hi @onrender,
Are you using Rhino 5 SR12? There was a bug related related to this that was fixed in the SR12. If you have a previous version, update Rhino and let me know if the problem persists.If it does, please attach a screenshot where this problem occurs.

I use RS12 for V5 64bit on Win 8.1.

@onrender, can you attach the screenshot?
It seems there is a link on the Uploading word, but it doesn’t work…

Hi Francesc,

I uploaded the screen shot where the 3 wall blocks and the block of simple cube also in the list.

Ok, I can see the screesnhot now. We will try to fix this issue in future versions.Thanks to report this!

Hi @onrender, I get back to you in this old post just to mention that we can’t help it in the way the Replace block dialog shows the list of block definitions. I’ve added a request in McNeel Youtrack, asking to add an option to hide hidden block definitions, as you can do in the Block Manager. You can follow this up here: