Virtual camera movements in Rhino 5


I want to make a film while moving around my 3d object in Rhino.
thought maybe I can use my plug in flamingo nXt 5.0?
If someone could help would be really nice!


Hi Anna -

You can use SetPathAnimation and RecordAnimation to set up a simple animation in Rhino 5.
You can only use the display modes that are available to you to to render the frames.

hi Wim,

thanks for the quick response!
But I could also download more display modes and then use them right?


Hi Anna -

That was more in response to the Flamingo part. I don’t know if that provides a display mode - I don’t think so. So then you’ll have to use the ‘Rendered’ display mode, and, if necessary, copy that and modify it to your needs. There is a lot less you can do with that in Rhino 5 than you can do in Rhino 7…

Thank you Wim!

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