Viewports with own layer states?


a customer asked/wished, that the viewports should have their own layer states.

I showed him the LayerStateManager, which is a start, but with no viewport dependencies.

Any ideas/scripts?



Hi Michael - that seems pretty involved, to me, to work around… I suppose one could manage something using a bunch of user data and a script, Basically creating a parallel layer state manager system - but I am not ready to jump into that one… I can add it to the wish heap.


Hi Pascal,

yes, to the wish heap is a good start.



Since viewports are volatile and can be deleted and easily replaced, what should happen if a viewport with these proposed saved states was deleted? Take the saved states with them? Hang around as orphans?
Pascal is right. This could turn into a mess quickly.

Hi John,

why not just link optionally the LayerStates to Viewports?