Viewport stuck on Rh8 until blocks are pre-selected

Ever since switching to Rhino8 I’ve experienced weird mini freezes of the viewport:

@Gijs I had brought up this recently, and have been able to reproduce it now:

  • Make a bunch of blocks
  • Have the new block manager panel open
  • Select all and immediately try to pan/rotate the viewport

The viewport is stuck until the pre-selection in the block manager has kicked in. Also deselecting objects, and the block manager needing to update, causes the same issue. The more blocks there are, the more pronounced the issue is.

This had not been present in Rh7. I presume as it did not have the semi-selection state of blocks.

Can you make the semi-select state of Rhino8 blocks optional? I’m afraid it does nothing for me.

My SystemInfo: systeminfo.txt (2.3 KB)

Not related to your issue here, but there is a newer driver available for your GPU:



Thank you, I’ll try to convince our system admin :sweat_smile:

Although your drivers are recent I have seen that updating to drivers from this year gives better stability, so worth a try. But again, not related to your issue. Just thought I’d mention it.

I’m not sure if @lars made performance changes since Rhino 8.3 to the block definitions panel, but he’d be the one to investigate this more if it still happens in 8.4 (current service release candidate) or 8.5 (internal version, soon to be service release candidate).

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hi @DuncanW thanks for reporting, I see that here
RH-80279 Blockmanager slows down viewport when objects are selected.

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